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Beauty In, Beauty Out: The Importance of Choosing Quality Entertainment

Most mornings I wake up with a prayer on my mind and lips. It's a simple prayer I learned years ago that's meant to be said on repeat, almost like background noise for daily life. Often as I drift off to sleep, I find myself saying this prayer, and I almost always wake up with it on my lips without intention. "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner." (You can read more about this prayer here: 

 Well, here is my confession. This morning I woke up with angry arguing in my half-conscious mind and even shouted swear words. (These words were in my head, not out loud. I can only imagine what my husband would have done had he woken up next to a loud, swearing woman. ha!) This unexpected way of waking up startled me in its stark difference from my usual prayer, and I laid in bed, more asleep than awake, trying to think of why that noise had entered my sleeping mind. And then it hit me; we had watched "Suits" before going to bed, and that program is one PROFANE shouting match after the other. 

 So why do we watch such a show? Two reasons. First: The clothing is stunning. I could write an entire article on the clothing alone. Many pieces are better suited to an evening out than a day's work at an attorney's office, and some of them miss the mark altogether, but in general the clothing is swoon worthy, and the costumes rival anything else on television in its genre. I feel that sloppy dressing on television fuels sloppy dressing in real life, so I cannot help but appreciate beautifully dressed characters. We also watch the show because it is devoid of graphic violence. (Every so often there is a busted lip or black eye.) There are better written, better played shows out there that I refuse to watch because of the gratuitous displays of violence and sex, but as far as those issues go, this show is mild. In fact, I'm starting to believe the characters shout and swear so much to make up for lack of any real drama in the show.

Garbage in, garbage out, was my last thought this morning before opening my eyes. It makes perfect sense to me that I would drift off to sleep with those angry words in my head, and wake up with them there too. What a shame! 

Oh, but what hope that gives those of us striving for feminine poise and polish! If garbage in, garbage out is true, then so must it be in reverse? If we fill our minds with beautiful things, beautiful things are bound to radiate out of us.

To that end, I want to recommend two entertainment options to you, my comrades on this journey. 

Ladies, Anne with an E is the red-headed PATRON SAINT of rising above your circumstances and improving yourself! The book is so beautifully written and feminine, and almost every page delivers some moral, absent from modern life. Anne of Green Gables is a book I believe should be read once during every decade of a woman's life. I just finished reading it aloud to my daughter. She hung on every word. We laughed and cried, and the words have had a noticeable effect on our natures. We recently began the next Anne book in the series, Anne of Avonlea, and the lessons through entertainment continue.

A sitcom filmed in the 60s; That Girl is the story a young woman who leaves home and begins her career as an actress in New York City. The show is funny without being crude. That 'girl' stands up for herself when needed beautifully. She is a loyal friend. Her dating relationship is proper and dignified while being so, so fun. She brings honor to her parents. She is invested in her career and shows respect for her employers, without disrespecting herself. Her hair and makeup are always presentable, and her clothing is as ladylike as it gets. Even her heels when she wears them are feminine and PRACTICAL. Unlike the four-inch heels we see in programs like the show "Suits". No wonder women have given up on getting dressed every day. The only examples of dressing up we see in current 'art' is impractical and uncomfortable. I cannot recommend "That Girl" enough. It is a show my daughter, and I watch together, but my husband will happily sit through an episode, and my sixteen-year-old son wandered in the other day and laughed out loud at something one of the characters said. If you have a teenage son walking the halls of your home, you know what high praise an actual laugh out loud is! That Girl is available for free to those with an Amazon Prime subscription. 

Below I've shared this blog post's companion video. While filming it we were on our way to get haircuts. I ended up getting an inverted bob. Years ago in a hormone induced frenzy, I came home with the shortest pixie cut imaginable. Ever since, my husband gets a little anxious when I go in for trims. I snapped this photo at the salon to reassure him. ha! 

What programs and books are you entertaining yourself with these days? I want to check out your recommendations! 

Afterward, my daughter and I had our nails painted (we were disappointed and resolved to do them ourselves from now on). I also exchanged a lampshade and we browsed
jewelry and handbags before settling on a cookie instead! Here is a rug we are thinking about for her room. It's the rug on top with the blue-green thread running through the sisal.

And here is a photo of her rugless room! Do you think the one we've chosen will work in here? I do!

And here is a photo of her rugless room! Do you think the one we've chosen will work in here? I do!


What programs and books are you entertaining yourself with these days? I want to check out your recommendations!