The Decorum Diaries

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Emily On Entertaining Guests

"In this day when conversation is not so much a "lost" as a "wilfully abandoned" art, people in numbers can not be left to spend an evening on nothing but conversation. Grouped together by the hundred and with bridge tables absent, the modern fashionables in America, and in England, too, are as helpless as children at a party without something for them to do, listen to, or look at!"

1922 Post, Emily (2012-05-11). Etiquette (p. 137).  . Kindle Edition.


Emily On Classic Home Decor

Fashion affects taste—it is bound to.

The only safe measure of what is good, is to choose that which has best endured. ...In the same way examples of old potteries and china and glass, at present being reproduced, are very likely good, because after having been for a century or more in disuse, they are again being chosen. Perhaps one might say that the "second choice" is "proof of excellence."

1922 Post, Emily (2012-05-11). Etiquette (p. 86).  . Kindle Edition.